ſ U+017F, ſ
拉丁字母擴展-A ƀ


Proper use of the long s is demonstrated by the words Bürgerſaal and Ratsſäle on a German sign, but incorrect use can be seen in the third word, Trausaal, causing it to be parsed as ‘Trausaal’.


ſ(大寫 S

  1. (棄用, 古舊) 字母 essS)的一種變體,又稱「長S」






ſ(小寫,大寫 S,複數 ſs ſ's

  1. (古舊) 英語字母表的第19個字母,名稱為long smedial sdescending s並以拉丁文字書寫。
    • 1783, Joseph Ritson, Remarks, Critical and Illustrative, on the Text and Notes of the Last Edition of Shakspeare, page 223:
      But he does not ſtab him for his treachery toward hisſelf []
    • 1785, Vicesimus Knox, Liberal Education: Or, a Practical Treatiſe on the Methods of Acquiring Uſeful and Polite Learning, vol. II, pp. 1 & 3, section XXXI: On the regulation of puerile diverſions:
      Many fanciful methods have been invented by thoſe who wiſhed to render puerile ſports conducive to improvement. I never found that they were ſucceſsful.
      I muſt own myſelf an advocate for puerile liberty*, during the alloted hours of relaxation. Boys have much reſtraint and confinement in the time of ſtudy.
      Thoſe of the effeminate kind ſuperinduce effeminacy; weakneſs of mind, no leſs than imbecility of body. Something ſimilar happens in puerile diverſions. The boy who has been kept in leading-ſtrings too long, and reſtrained from hardy ſports by the fondneſs of his mother, will ſcarcely ever become a man; or poſſeſs that becoming ſpirit which can enable him to act his part with propriety.
    • 1796, John Hatsell, Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons: With Observations, page 102:
      75. On the 11th of May, 1759, the Lords amend a turnpike road Bill, by inſerting a clauſe, “That no gate ſhall be erected within a mile of Enſham Ferry”. The conſideration of this amendment is reſolved, nemine contradicente, to be put off for a month.
    • 1892Richard Le GallienneEnglish Poems,London:Elkin Mathews and John Lane at The Bodley Head; New York: The Cassell Publishing Company, [], 頁號[iii]:
      Engliſh Poems / [] / New York: The Caſsell Publiſhing Company, 104, Fourth Avene.




  1. s 的印刷變體,通常用在除了字尾以外的所有地方